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Image editing in PowerPoint 2010

by Powerpoint Info
Posted on 04 May, 2010

PowerPoint 2010 offers editing options both for video as well as images. With images, quite common editing is removing the background or getting a small piece of a big picture suitable for your slide. With PowerPoint 2010 background removal tool, image editing is quite easy.

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by Partha Bhattacharya posted on 08 May, 2010
@Powerpoint Info & @slides,

Thanks for the info'.

May I present a video article I did some time back about video in PowerPoint, How To Embed & Play Several Video Clips In A Single Slide In PowerPoint 2010.

I hope the article helps the readers here.

Thank you.

by slides posted on 10 May, 2010
@Partha, Hey I read your article, I have one question.
The video clips which I will break can be played in one single slide or I can play the video clip in different slides of my presentation, means along with the information in every individual slide?
by slides posted on 07 May, 2010
This video describes how to edit images and videos in MS Power Point 2010.

For example:

1) If you want to edit the picture, first go to the "Picture Tool" button and click on the format tab.
2) If you want to change the contrast and sharpness of the picture use the "Corrections" menu.
3)To change the saturation, tones, and to do recoloring we can use the color option tab
4) The "Artistic effects" which can be used to see a real time preview like using the water-color, marker, and pencil effects.

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